6 Tips for Effective Offline Business in This Digital Era

Business cards, sms campaigns, print publications, gift certificates and more are some of the offline marketing strategies which work even today. Ofcourse, with the advent of digital marketing, more and more people are aligned towards digital advertising and so on. But, that doesn’t mean offline strategies are not used.

Do you see TV commercials even today? Yes, but only thing is these TV commercials are also displayed on phones, social media, desktops, etc. along with TV. That’s the difference we are talking about in this digital era.

Even Though, online shopping is a trend today, people haven’t stopped visiting offline stores. Hence, offline marketing strategies aren’t extinct yet but offline brands are slowly moving towards implement online strategies as well.

Yes, today there is no hard and fast rule that offline brands should only use offline channels to promote their brand. Thanks to online strategies, today offline businesses are trying to interconnect both offline and online strategies to scale-up their businesses.

So, if you want to find out how to make your offline business more effective, then take a look at these strategies which can help you grow.

Tips to Boost Your Offline Business in Digital Era

Create Your Business Listing on Google

No matter whether you are an offline or online business, creating your business listing in Google will get you more visibility. People today search your location online and if they find that your brick and mortar store is registered there, customers may visit your store. Business listing is one of the most important step for business to be available online. It helps the local customers navigate to your store.

Develop a Fan Base in Social Media

Today, marketers can leverage social media to not just sell but also to create a customer base. By creating your brand’s social media page, it will get more visibility online. People who have some query about your products/services can easily get in touch with you through social media. So, building a solid social media presence is quite important in the digital era. Customers tend to trust you more if you have both offline as well as online presence. It will not only drive more customers to your brand but also creates an impression for users online.

Leverage Your CRM Data

As an offline brand, you will have offline customer data in silos. Instead of using this data only for offline marketing, you can also use it for online marketing strategies. Yes, data onboarding makes it possible for offline brands to bring your data online. Once your data is in the online space, you can further leverage it for online advertising campaigns or even retarget your offline customers online. Therefore, you are reaching your customers not only through offline ways but also online platforms. CRM onboarding is one of the cost-effective ways for your offline brand to implement online strategies.

Have Your Own Website

You don’t have to be an ecommerce store to have a website. Creating your brand’s website will help you create an online presence. A website is always a good idea to create brand awareness as well as promote your products and services online. People nowadays spend half of the time online, so there are more chances of people noticing it online. This attracts many customers to your store, thereby expanding your customer base.

Email and SMS Marketing

Not just offline but even online brands use email and sms marketing. Even Though they may not get more conversions but it does spread a word about your brand. So, you can leverage your offline customer data to run email and sms campaigns. This will create an overall presence for your offline brand. Customers may enjoy that extra information you give about your brand through emails and SMS. It may lead to increase in the inflow of visitors for your offline store.

Post Your Publications Online

Now you just don’t have to rely on printed publications, you can post them online with the help of a blog or a page. By doing so, you will reduce your ad spend wastage and extend the reach of your publications.


Digital era has a lot to offer for both offline and online brands. It’s all in the way you utilize it to your advantage. Most digital strategies are cost-effective and hence you don’t have to break your head over the budget allocation. By using both offline and online strategies, you can bring more visibility and improve your offline business.

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