How to Deal with Someone who Wants to Destroy You

How to Deal with Someone who Wants to Destroy You

Life is an alloy of sorrow and joy. We have to deal with both of them equally. The prime rule of the course of life is to treat both phenomena in a neutral manner, neither being excited in happiness nor being fragile in sorrow.

In the span of a lifetime, we meet with people; some good, some bad, some we gel up well with, some we cannot tolerate. But out of the bunch, there is a mass of masked clans whom we cannot understand. 

They are so sugar-coated on the face, that one fails to analyze how hazardous they can be in their life. Their brawn is the blind belief in them and by the time it is revealed, half the damage is already done. 

Hence we will discuss the measures that can help us to deal with people who want to destroy our life

Understanding the priorities:

We should not give importance to anybody and everybody who ever surrounds us in our lives. Developing a proper orbit around one’s life is as important as taking other precautions against the unwanted beings as this will keep us en-shelled and protected especially if you know that you’re very sensitive. 

Instead of paying heed to what people say, it is necessary to analyze the facts by oneself. Less crowd of people makes it easier and simpler to lead a healthy life with trustworthy ambience around. 

Scrutiny of mass around: 

Proper scrutiny of mass that surrounds you will help you to understand the difference between helpful and harmful people. This can be done by self with the usage of intuitions and situations that have already taken place.

Though it’s not easy to gauge a person just by the situation as human beings are subjected to adaptations of the changes from time to time.

So, in short, we can say, it’s important to spend a really good span of time with a person before giving any significant role in life. There are various other techniques to scrutinize a person and the key rule is to gradually increase the importance of the pal, post evaluating whether he or she has been supportive and helpful or the opposite. 

Revealing Secrets:

There are certain secrets of life that should not be shared even with the closest ones because there are examples that due to circumstantial errors, with or without consent the secret is leaked.

This might happen that the one you trust has no intentions to harm you but fails to analyze their own circle which finally results in your loss. So as suggested when there is a secret, if any especially in case of career development, the gospel should be concealed. 

This can help you to reach your goals without hindrances. Even involvement of family members can be risky at situations as there is a very common complicated competition among the family members chiefly regarding jobs and career.

So, with time we need to act maturely and draw a bar on our assertion. An easy method to deal with your competitors is to take silent moves and have a greater goal. 

Even if there are problems heading on the route, the quickest solution should be used to resolve it. Again, less count of close people with importance makes it less troublesome and least need to stand on their expectations. 

People are always up to interfere in other’s lives and cause damage, either minor or major. Hence it is our responsibility to analyse and classify people accordingly to avoid the consequences of damage.


Another important step to protect your life from being destroyed by others is to keep a friendly and healthy relationship with others. As discussed before, we cannot help to coat ourselves from harmful tribes who are in the disguise of friends. 

But we can definitely reduce the number hence the risk automatically, by maintaining good relations with others. So when in need, we can expect others to help us as well.

It is very essential for a healthy lifestyle to be kind to others, help them in trouble, to behave courteously to not only get the interest back on time but also for mental peace and growth. 

It really feels good to be useful in someone’s need especially when the task is not so easy. 

Today’s generation is super fast and busy, so it’s typically tough to take out time and help others. But if the person next to you is in great need you should always lend your hands to them chiefly when you’re the only one who can help. 

Yes, karma is very effective, what you do comes back to you. So, your wellness and kindness would definitely aid you in need. Even if someone is up for destroying your life, you’ll find others to support you and pull you out of the scuffle.

Life is unpredictable and whatever happens, is intended to happen. The above-mentioned methods can help us to protect ourselves from harmful people who surround us. Leading a simple and bubbly life with nil enmity can save one from exposure to the foul soul. We cannot stop our enemies from being jealous but of course, can aid them with grounds to end the enmity and give them lesser reasons to be hostile. This will help you to deal with all who treats you as a foe.

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