Dental Toys for the Dogs

The Usefulness of Chewing Dental Toys for the Dogs

Dogs generally tend to love chewing whether it’s a puppy or a senior dog, the age really doesn’t matter when it comes to chewing. Dogs of every age and breed love to chew. They chew furniture and shoes and sometimes even damage them.

So, chewing is considered a negative habit of dogs. But, you may not know that chewing is actually quite beneficial for your dogs. It promotes dental health and helps the dog improve their gum and breath as well.

There are many chew toys available for the dogs that can help in improving oral health and also saves your shoes and furniture. If you are worried about whether dental toys are good for the dogs or not, here I’ll tell you about the benefits of chewing toys in promoting dogs dental health. The advantages of using chewing dental toys are-

1. They promote Dental Health- Dental chew toys are helpful in cleaning teeth and gum and makes the teeth smooth by removing the scrape away tartar. It also helps in keeping the dog’s mouth clean by enhancing the secretion of antibacterial saliva and keeps the dog’s breath fresh. As dogs can’t brush their teeth to keep them healthy like us, chewing dental toys, such as Dog’s chewing toothbrush helps them in that.

2. Chewing helps improve your dog’s mental health- Dogs do need mental exercises as much as they need physical exercises. Chewing dental toys are greatly beneficial in the improvement of brain capacity of your dog as chewing needs a lot of concentration and brainpower. So, it is quite helpful to give dental toys to your dog to empower their brain.

3. Helps in relieving stress and anxiety- Yes, you heard it right, we are talking about the mental health of a dog. Dogs get anxious or stressed at several conditions like the sound of firecrackers make the dogs stressed. At such times you should give chewing toys to them as chewings help them in releasing stress and becoming calm.

4. They are quite safer for the dogs-  Dental chewing toys are quite safer than the bones for your dogs. Though bones are more favourable to the dogs, it has some risks of causing many hazards such as broken teeth, intestinal blockage, digestive issues, choking and the risk is even higher when the bone is cooked. Chewing toys are durable and not consumable which make them quite safer than the bones for dogs.

5. They help in reducing bad breath- Dog’s breath is slightly unpleasant in general which can result in the enhancement of bacteria in the mouth. Chewing helps decrease the bacteria formed in the mouth by secreting antibacterial saliva, thus resulting in reducing the unpleasant breaths of the dogs.

6. Helps grow teeth in puppies- Small dogs also love chewing and they are quite helpful for them as well. Puppies who don’t have grown teeth chewing helps them in strengthening their gum and growing teeth faster.

7. They are a great pastime for the dogs- Chewing is a great activity for passing time for the dogs as they really love to chew things and you may always not be able to play with them all the time. So, whenever you are not free for them chewing can be an enjoyable activity for them and pass their time.

8. Chew toys help prevent the chewing of important things- As chewing is one of the most entertaining activities for the pups, they chew anything from furniture to shoes. This habit of chewing anything can affect the dogs’ health as well as damages important things at home. To keep them away from this kind of destructive chewing, you should give them chewing toys instead.

How to choose a perfect chewing toy for your dog?

Chewing toys are of great fun and benefits for the dogs, but there should be some things kept in the mind while giving these to the dogs in order to avoid probable health hazards. The things you should keep in mind while choosing the best chewing toy for your dog are

  • Size of the chewing toys- While choosing a chewing toy for your dogs the size should be selected wisely according to the size of the dog.
  • Softness- A good chewing toy should be made of very soft material that your dog can tear, eat and swallow easily.
  • Hardness- An ideal chewing toy should not be very hard that while chewing it can break the teeth of your dog.
  • Washable-  Always chose a chewing toy that is easy to wash. Your dog will definitely get them dirty, so an easy to wash chewing toy will help you maintain hygiene.

Dogs find chewing stuff quite entertaining and now after going through this discussion you must be quite certain about the benefits of chewing toys for a dog. Chewing toys are quite helpful in preventing several oral problems such as bad breath, growth of bacteria in the mouth, tartar of teeth, gum bleeding, pain in gum etc.

Not only for dogs, but the chewing toys are also helpful to the owners of the dogs. How? Well, it saves their shoes and furniture from being chewed by the dogs. It also saves on the money that could have been spent on visiting the vet if your dog got injured. However, you can sign up for dog insurance to cover your dog’s health during such unexpected events. Pet insurance that doesn’t cost too much is available. Pet insurance companies like Bivvy offer affordable insurance packages and terms of service convenient for you.

We suggest you buy your dog the most suitable chewing toy and help them acquire the benefits from it. Here I’ll recommend you a website that sells various pet products that are extremely useful for your loving pet. It’s an online store for essential pet products and accessories, and the name is BringerPet. Visit this website to find the right pet accessories you have been looking for all this time.

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