Habit Challenge - Build New Productive Habits to Change Your Life

Habit Challenge – Build New Productive Habits to Change Your Life

We’re all creatures of habit and it’s hard to quit an old habit whatever it is, good or bad! Every time when we fail in something, we think about building some new habits quitting the bad ones to achieve the goal. And, yes it is. To be successful in life, we must build new productive habits that help go through all the obstacles and win the game. However, it’s not easy to quit an old habit. But if you have strong willpower, you can definitely do that. And, here the app habit challenge comes that help you build new productive habits to achieve your goal easily and change your life into a far more better stage.

So, let’s have a look at this habit builder application …

Habit Challenge: Build New Habits & Change Your Life

Habit Challenge — a free, simple, and easy-to-use habit builder & tracker that will help you form new productive habits and keep you on track to change your life. Using this Habit Challenge app, you can define any type of habit you want to integrate into your daily routine. As well as, for each habit you can choose daily occurrence and days of the week when you want to perform it (e.g. exercise once a day on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays, or run twice a day on Tuesdays and Thursdays). Also, you can define multiple notifications for each habit.

Habit Challenge - Build New Habits & Change Life

Don’t get panicked when you’re getting involved in the change. Because creating a new habit takes time and in some cases, it can even take months. You know, we always form and strengthen our old habits. That’s why, to change an old, bad habit, you need to be patient. And, Habit Challenge helps you track your progress of new habits, shows how far you’ve already come, and reminds you that you need to stick to the new habit today as well.

Actually, with Habit Challenge, you can plan and track any activity like exercises, taking pills regularly, quitting smoking or alcohol, meditation and mindful moments, and many others.

Habit Challenge Features at a Glance

  • Simple Yes/No or number goals
  • Fast, user-friendly, and beautiful user interface
  • Flexible goals – easily create any goal you like! Just give it a name and you’re done
  • Select days of the week for a given habit, from one to seven times per week
  • Flexible reminders – you can set any number of reminders for any time you like
  • Perform actions directly from the reminder and mark habit as done or snooze it directly from the notification
  • Streak detection – easily detect long periods of time when you are consistent with the habit
  • Monthly view – see your progress on a monthly basis
  • Home screen widget – easily mark habits as done directly from the home screen
  • No internet needed – it works fine completely offline
  • No login nor account required

How Habit Challenge app Works

  1. At first, give a name for your new habit
  2. Then, select days of the week when you want to perform it
  3. Choose how many times per day it should be performed
  4. Optionally, add one or more reminders
  5. And, after you perform it on a given day, mark it in the app

Download Habit Challenge for Android

Download Habit Challenge for IOS

So, don’t wait, don’t procrastinate anymore- install Habit Challenge now and start improving today!

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