How to Identify If the Person Talking to You is Lying

How to Identify If the Person Talking to You is Lying?

Human beings are the best creature that God has ever made. It has the potential to do almost everything on earth. Look around you all these tall buildings and incredible innovations are here today because of the brilliance of humans. 

Humans are capable of love, hate, peace, war, truth and also lies. We all have someone who means a lot to us. If someone lies to us how do we find out? Here we will talk about how you can identify if someone is lying to you. 

  • They Will Start Acting Differently 

The very first sign that will tell you the person is lying or not is the change in their behaviour. If you have someone whom you suspect of lying then watch them closely. 

You will see that they will start acting differently or they will behave quite defensively. You will find them questioning you rather than answering you on being questioned. 

  • Watch Them Closely to the Direction They Look

If you want to find out someone is lying to you then try to watch them closely to the direction they are looking at. It has been proved that if someone has been lying then they will look upwards and to his right in order to access his imagination and find out an answer to end the topic. 

Whereas if a person is saying the truth then he will look upwards or he will look at his left side which means he is truly trying to remember the incident. 

  • Eye Contact

Another factor that will help you to understand that the person is lying is through their eye contact. If you know the person already then you know the amount of eye contact he or she makes. Then try to compare it to the time when you have suspected them or accused them of lying. 

If they make too much eye contact then they are pretending to be confident and trying to show you that they are telling the truth. But if you find them making less eye contact then it means they are already embarrassed by what they did. 

  • Touching Their Face 

Another tip that you can follow to find out if the person is lying or not is by watching them closely if they are touching their face or not. The person lying will be seen touching their face too often while you are having a conversation with them.

You will see that they are covering their face while you are talking to them or they are covering their mouth. It has been proved that when a liar does this then it acts like a distancing mechanism for them. 

It helps them to cover the lies that he has been telling from the truth that he already knows deep down.

  • Excessive Sweating 

You can also find out that the person is lying by the amount of sweating that happens to him. You will find that the sweat may appear on the person’s forehead, cheeks and also the back of their neck. 

This happens because the person feels nervous and embarrassed. You may clearly see it or you may observe when the person is trying to wipe it off. 

  • Accuse You Back

If you catch someone lying you will see them accusing you back. They will constantly pull up the past and try to blame you for things. 

They will remind you of things that you did six months back and tell you that you are the problem in spite of being guilty or sorry for what they did. This shows that they are trying to change the topic and divert your mind.

  • Using Too Much of Words that Define Them to be Truthful 

You will see that the person lying will use words that define them to be truthful. They will use words and phrases like “honestly” or “Trust Me”. It works like they are trying to convince you to trust them and believe them that they are not the one lying.

  • They Will Fake Laugh 

If you know the person already then you know how they smile or how they laugh. But if the person is caught lying then you will find them faking their smile or laugh in between conversations. 

They will fake laugh or smile on the points that are very much true. They do this usually to show that the things you are accusing them of are not at all true. It will indicate that the person has been lying to you.

In conclusion, these were the top best tips that you can follow to find out if any person is lying to you or not. Make sure that you trust your instincts because the gut reaction is more accurate than anything.

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