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Find the best delicious and yummy dessert treats in the city at Cake square. Looking out for the best cake shops in the city, stop that wonder and look into the flavorsome delights that not only tastes awesome but comes in an array of custom themes and flavors. The unique selling point this pastry hub offers is it delivers your demands and orders within two hours after placing the order and delivers it to you within the stipulated period.

The fast-moving cakes are definitely the custom made and themed based designs while we do provide ample flavors to indulge and provide options for you to celebrate those special birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, adult cakes for parties and our most loved Christmas season cakes. While ranting much about our cakes we do have tasty and mouth-watering freshly baked cupcakes that are soft, super moist and so yummilicious. We do provide and welcome the options of choosing or going eggless with your orders. And, since it’s December and the season of Christmas and New Year around the corner Cake occupies a special place in my heart. Rich plum cakes, cookies, fruit cakes take center stage during this festive season and we curate to provide the best of the fresh-baked at your service.

Our Christmas cakes are rich, bursting and boozy with flavors but never heavy or cakey. We bake irresistible cakes with quality and flavorsome ingredients. There is never a problem with variety because we got yummiest cakes that suit all kinds of the tongue.

Christmas is never complete without having a bite of the classic plum cake.  Though this tradition is originated from England around the medieval time, serving a box of sweet plum cakes to neighbors and friends is one of the important traditions of Christmas in India. Made with a handful of dried fruits like grapes, currants, raisins, and prunes or fresh fruits, baking the perfect plum cake with the right amount ingredients is a difficult task for many families. That’s why at Cake Square, one of the best cake shops in Chennai/Kovai, we have a variety of delicious plum cakes that can erase the burden of preparing one at your home.

Our Plum Cakes are made with rich and quality ingredients, baked by the finest hands in the world. Freshness is the trademark feature of all the cakes made at Cake Square shop. You can come and choose the plum cakes after taste-testing them in our store. Alternatively, you can order online, call or WhatsApp to get the plum cake of your choice. A guaranteed 2 hours delivery time is available to all orders.

If you would like to add extra confetti to your Christmas celebration, you can have Christmas themed cake for this festival to wow your neighbors and friends! From snow-covered premium cake to small Santa-themed cupcake, you can have it all at one of the best cake shops, Cake Square. We bring the real joy and spirit of Holy Christmas in every cake we bake and design. All our baked goodies taste and look like Santa granted your biggest wish for this Christmas!

Exchanging Gifts with your beloved ones is the exciting part of Christmas. And if you are planning to gift something that would fulfill your family or friends’ heart and stomach as well, then we have the best option for you! Cake Square’s special. Our special “Gift Basket” that has cakes, muffins, cookies, a box of yummy chocolates and a bottle of wine is the best choice for Christmas presents. It’s a basket full of yum-yum and will surely bring immense joy to anyone who receives it. Order it now at your nearest Cake Square, one of the best cake shops in our city!

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