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Four Reasons To Use Vanity Link Shorteners

There is no television advertisement, online video advertisement, email notification, or press release without a highly visible brand name. Why then do marketers choose to omit a brand name from the URL on social media channels like Instagram, for example? There is a good way to have a brand name reflected in all links that you share as a brand. The online community of link shortener offers the solution for this. This URL is an online ‘blind spot’ that remains untouched millions of times a day.
Especially when you consider how easy it is to use these URLs and thus benefit from the effect they have on your online brand, it is a missed opportunity not to use the Instagram URL shortener.

Why should you use vanity link shorteners?

Building trust & brand image

It may sound more than logical, but people are more likely to click on a brand name online rather than a mishmash of random letters seen in almost all URL shortened links.

Shortened URLs often confuse users and arise questions like Can you really trust that a few letters that have been collected together will take you to the right place? What happens to the data when I click? Building trust online is hard enough, so why not do it right.

Helps Improve your social tracking

Many brands prefer using an Instagram link shortener to track their posted content on Instagram and other social medial platforms. This helps them to better understand their users’ demographics and click and content sharing behavior.

The more a URLs gets clicked, the more insight is gained into this data. And this is exactly what these link shorteners excel at. This is because people are 40 percent more likely to click on the link shorteners than on a ‘normal’ shortened URL. That means that you have 40 percent more ‘engagement’ with your target group and can collect 40 percent more information.

Make sharing easier

By using a short name of the brand, instead of a random combination of letters and numbers, makes the name easier to recognize and memorize and therefore can be shared easily and more often. This works especially well in word of mouth, where people are referring to a name and not a link.

Increase Offline ‘sharing’

Because short attractive names are easier to remember, short URLs encourage more online activity when featured in offline media and promotional materials. For example, Porsche USA used shortened URLs on outdoor advertisements. This encouraged more people to click on their website that was made easy by using a very short, recognizable URL that people could type directly on their Smartphone.

By using the vanity link shortener, people have more confidence in a link. This makes the chance that it will be clicked easily 25 to 50 percent higher. In addition, your data is more useful for advertising. After all, you not only know how the consumer behaves on your website, but also on social media, blogs, press releases, etc.

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