Flowers that Releasing Fragrance At Night Only

Top 7 Flowers that Releasing Fragrance At Night Only!

A flower is the most common thing which is used by humans for various purposes, there are a number of flowers available all over the world. If anyone is sitting in a garden or a place where a number of colorful flowers are available, then one will feel energetic and refreshed. There are some different flowers available who give their fragrance at night only. Most of the flowers give a nice fragrance throughout the day, but there are some flowers who only give fragrance after sunset or at night time.

Here are the top 7 flowers that releasing fragrance at night only:

  1. Tropical Night Blooming Water Lilies

Tropical Night Blooming Water Lilies are the flowers that are mostly found in the pond, where the temperature is more than 65 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the most common flowers available across the world, there are a number of water lilies available across the world. The main thing about this flower is that they bloom at dusk and get close in the mid-morning. There are various colors available in this flower such as red, blue, pink, orange, yellow and purple. These flowers are big in size and fragrant night-blooming flowers.

  1. Night Scented Orchid

This is one of the flowers of the orchid family, this type of flower grows in cool and warm conditions. This flower is also called an epidendrum nocturnum, which is mostly found in Central and South America, it is available from summer to fall. One of the main things is that the single plant only consists of ¾ flowers on it, but at night the fragrance of this flower lasts for more time. The flowers consist of large sepals and petals. You can also purchase this from the flower gift shop.

  1. Evening Primrose

 Evening Primrose is a multipurpose plant that is mostly used for the oil and edible roots, the oil and edible roots are very much useful for the humans. This flower is dark yellow in color and grown in July and August. The oil of this flower consists of a number of fatty acids, there is 145 number of evening primrose are available and it is found in America. The height of this plant is 3/5 feet and the stem is hairy, this flower gives you a strong fragrance at night as this type of flowers only bloom at night and close themselves in the midnight.

  1. Moonflower

The Moonflower is one of the flowers which bloom at night and close up in the morning; this flower has a decent fragrance at night. The condition in America is best to grow such type of flowers, this flower looks like a full moon as it has the color of complete white – pink shade. This flower mostly blooms in the spring and summer. The plant of this flower grows till the height of 5 to 15 feet and the flower having a diameter of 2 to 43 inches.

  1. Night Scented Jessamine

This flower is the native of West Indies and South Asia, this type of flower require the warm months to grow. The plants are mostly grown in the moist sandy soil and they are having a height of 6 to 10 feet. The main thing of such flowers is that they mostly produce the small, tubular, white greenish flower which mostly blooms at night. The smell of the flower is very strong and it gives a pleasant smell, the only problem is that this flower contains some toxic elements so it is better to grow such a plant at the place where children can’t reach easily.

  1. Flowering Tobacco

Flowering tobacco is one of the flowers who looks like the jasmine and this type of flower gives the fragrance in day and night, but at night time, these flowers give a more fragrance. The main thing is that the leaves are fuzzy and sticky, the plant of this flower grows up to 5 feet tall. This type of plant needs some care, they need some shade and watering continuously. There are some websites where you can buy the best flowers at cheap price.

  1. Night Phlox

This is one of the flowers of South African natives, this flower consists of various color shades such as white, maroon and purple. This flower mostly attracts the honey bees, they are placed as a moon garden in a plain landscape. This is the best flowers which can be used for gardening, this flower gives a strong fragrance at the time of night. Most of the time people think why do some flowers only release their fragrance at night but it happens due to nature.

There are a number of night fragrance flowers available in the market; you can buy it online or you from the nearest shop. This flower gives a good fragrance and a decent look. The night fragrance flower looks like the other flower but gives its fragrance only at night.

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