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Top ID Protection Services to Keep Your Identity Safe

You need to be proactive about protecting your identity, or else you will inevitably become the victim of identity theft. Over 15 million Americans succumb to identity theft every year, and if you want to avoid adding that statistic, you need to take advantage of the professional identity protection.

Most cybersecurity firms offer some form of ID security, and choosing amongst them might seem overwhelming. To help, here are the top identity protection services you can find in 2023.

Trend Micro

Trend Micro offers so much more than only a defense against identity theft. Beyond monitoring your credit and debit accounts for suspicious activity, this premium security suite provides incredible malware protection across your computer and other connected devices plus a virtual private network that you can use when you need to connect to public Wi-Fi. The ID Security service itself includes dark web monitoring, password management and up to $1 million in identity fraud insurance, to help you more easily recover from any theft you experience. This incredible collection of valuable services usually costs $149.95 for a full year — or just over $12 per month — but you can take advantage of a current discount on Trend Micro ID Security to pay just under $60 for your first year.


Norton 360 offers LifeLock Ultimate Plus, which is highly regarded for its device-level security features: its virus protection, VPN, ad blockers and parental controls. However, its ID protection services are some of the best for traditional families of up to two adults and up to five children. Norton extends insurance coverage to children as well as adults, which means every member of the family can be covered with up to $1 million. The main downside of Norton’s ID theft protection services is its cost, which is notably higher than comparable solutions. For between about $20 and about $80 per month, you can receive LifeLock and the benefits that come with it.


Aura strives to be another all-in-one theft protection service, but it falls short of providing the high-quality cyber defenses that well-known security firms like Trend Micro and Norton can offer. Still, the ID services available from Aura are noteworthy, especially for large families with many adults and children to protect. The basic plan provides antivirus, VPN and safe browsing as well as essential financial fraud protections across your devices. Family plans add online parental controls, safe gaming and cyberbullying alerts. You can benefit from $1 million of ID theft insurance per adult on your plan. The cost of a plan from Aura varies depending on the number of people covered, but you can expect tp ay between $12 and $65 per month.


McAfee tends to focus on its anti-malware packages, and for good reason; the company has long been a leader in this space. However, McAfee does offer strong ID theft protection, which like others on this list includes up to $1 million in identity theft insurance and extensive device protection features on top of three-bureau credit monitoring. One unique feature of McAfee’s plan is $25,000-worth of ransomware coverage, which means that you don’t have to worry about cyberextortion when you are protected by McAfee. Yet, McAfee’s plans are only available on an annual basis, which makes them more difficult to cancel if you are unsatisfied with their services. You can pay between $80 and $225 per year, which breaks down to about $6 to $18 per month.


IdentityForce, as its name suggests, puts an extreme amount of effort into protecting its customers’ identities through an exhaustive list of services. Notably, IdentityForce is far superior to its competitors in terms of its credit monitoring and advice. In addition to alerting you from suspicious activity, IdentityForce can help you improve your credit using a tool that simulates how your credit score might rise and fall with different financial choices. Thus, if you have already been victimized by identity theft and your credit is suffering, you might opt for this ID protection service to help you get back on the path to success. However, this is one of the most expensive ID security options, at $34.95 per month.

Your identity is at greater risk today than at any point in the past. By securing your identity with one of these protection services, you can rest easier knowing that your financial accounts and credit are safe.

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