Instagram No Longer Allows Tab For Other’s Activity

Instagram is a widely used social-networking website. Millions of users have been signed up on Instagram until today. It has great features but recently Instagram issued a statement about one of their features. Instagram has recently removed the “Following” activity tab. It was basically a stalker tool, mostly used by people who want to keep track of their friend’s activities.

What Did “Following” Activity Tab Mean?

The “Following” activity tab feature was first introduced in 2011. By using that feature users were able to track the activities of their friends. It was existed with the activity tab and used for stalking people, for example, you could have seen if your follower had accepted someone’s request or started following them.

Did Instagram Completely Remove The “Following” Tab?

The feature was so useful for stalkers but now the days of stalking your friends and followers are over because Instagram has completely shut down the “Following” tab from their website.

This news was surfacing for quite some time but no confirmed statement was issued by the officials. People were shocked to hear this news because many of them did not know anything about this feature and those who knew—never thought of losing this feature because it helped them keep track of their loved ones and friends’ activities.

Instagram officials have claimed that it is not fair that most of the people had no idea about their activities being shown up on others’ feeds; also it was not serving the real purpose on which Instagram was built for the users.

The weirdest thing about this feature is that it vanishes without even updating Instagram so if you are wondering about your luck then know that it has rolled out with the need for an update. Click here to know about Instagram accounts.

Instagram’s head of product, Vishal Shah, made a statement about the removal of this feature, a few days ago:

“People did not always know that their activity is surfacing. So you have a case where it is not serving the use case you built it for, but it is also causing people to be surprised when their activity is showing up on others’ feeds.”

It was indeed a useful feature for growing your network, but it was not good for those who want to keep their activities private. Mainly most people want to keep their privacy intact but Instagram’s feature had shown whether they liked, commented or even followed someone that is equal to directly invading their privacy.

Was The “Following” Activity Tab Frequently Used?

The following activity tab was all over the internet when it was first introduced because it allowed users to view the activities of their fellow Instagram users. But after Instagram released the “Explore” tab, the “Activity” tab was hardly used. Even most posts did not know about the feature. Now that Instagram is completely scrapping their feature, now people will finally relax that no one would be keeping eyes on their activity track.

Was Privacy The Main Reason Of Removing The Feature?

Vishal Shah, the head of Instagram’s produced, said earlier that removing Instagram’s “Following” tab feature was not solely because of privacy reason but they wanted to keep the simplicity of Instagram alive.  Since the original founders of Instagram Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom left Instagram the previous year, because of disputes with Facebook, stating that they thought Instagram had turned into a similar style like Facebook. Now the additions have somehow looked like what both of them had avoided long ago. Nonetheless, people are still enjoying the remaining features and removing some features did not decrease the popularity of Instagram.

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