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Should You Go to a Specialist Dentist or a Dentist Offering All Services?

People do have a perception that specialists are to be preferred when it is a matter of medical treatment. There is nothing wrong with this. Specialists usually have advanced qualifications and in-depth knowledge of the topic. This applies to any branch of medicine including dentistry. Think about yourself. Would you want to consult a specialist every time or do you think a general dentist, offering all services is a much better option?

Specialist dentists

Dentists specializing in a particular line of treatments can be classified into different categories.

    • Maxillofacial surgeon: These surgeons specialize in the treatment of problems of tissues of the mouth, jaw, and face. It is only in rare cases that you will have to consult a surgeon for complex procedures, such as impacted wisdom tooth where general sedation is required.
    • Orthodontist: An orthodontist specializes in corrective procedures. Misaligned and crooked teeth or issues of the jaw are their specialties. Orthodontists correct underbite and overbite as well as misaligned jaw. They can assist with aligners, braces expanders, and other prosthetics as part of the treatment. However, you can receive this type of treatment from a general dentist running a dental clinic.
    • Endodontist: An endodontist focuses on issues related to the insides of the teeth. Endodontists excel in treating dental caries and carrying out root canal treatment. A general dentist is just as capable of handling most such issues except where there are complications and a specialist must be engaged.
    • Pediatric dentist: These dentists exclusively handle children right from their infancy. It does require advanced training after completion of the usual course in order to become a pediatric dentist. However, you will find that many general dentists usually have this qualification and offer pediatric dentistry in addition to other services.

  • Prosthodontist: The task of prosthodontists is to replace lost teeth or extract rotten teeth and put in place prosthetics. You will find they handle veneers, implants, bridges, crowns, reconstructive surgery and dentures.
  • Periodontist: Periodontists usually treat gums and have the training to recognize the disease and then take corrective action such as gum graft and pocket reduction in case of severe periodontitis. They may also handle the task of putting on crowns and bridges.

There is no doubting the fact that each specialist is an expert in the field of specialization. You can certainly expect a higher level of quality, especially in complicated cases.

Should you consult a specialist?

You rightly assume that a specialist dentist is a perfect choice. There is no doubt that they do possess specialized skills and a higher level of expertise. However, consider what happens when you think of consulting only specialists.

    • You will have to visit several specialists depending on the issue. This could entail driving to different suburbs and all the bother that goes with it.
    • You will have to maintain separate records for each specialist or rather your specialists will maintain separate records.

  • They may not concatenate results and give you treatment beyond their area of operation.
  • You will be paying a higher fee in all instances.

 Now consider a general dentist

There are general dentists offering the entire suite of services such as cosmetic dentistry, checkups, fillings, crowns and bridges, implants, dentures, root canal treatments, and temporomandibular joint disease treatments. You can expect treatment for gum diseases and treatment during pregnancy from general dentists. Such a dental clinic is likely to employ more than just one dentist to handle patients and you will find specialists here too.

Their level of expertise is no less than that of specialists and, for the most part, they are capable of taking care of all issues except complicated cases. This is when they refer you to a specialist.

How you benefit by consulting a general dentist

It is always a good idea for you and your entire family to consult only one dental clinic. There are several benefits for you and your family to receive treatment from one single clinic.

  • You develop bonds and your dentist gets to know you as well as your dental history.
  • You do not have to drive from one clinic to another for various treatments. Today you may go for a checkup. Tomorrow you may opt for teeth whitening. Next, you may require treatment for gum problems or for filling. Your general dentist does it all quite capably.
  • All your dental records are in one place.
  • Your general dentist has an overall better view of the state of your oral health and your teeth.
  • Their fees are far more affordable and they may even help with insurance wherever possible.
  • Further, since they know about your health you receive good guidance on maintaining holistic health, better diet, better hygienic practices, and lifestyles.

One of the biggest advantages of having only one dentist is that when it is an emergency you can at least expect a fast response even if it is a holiday or after working hours. No, your dentist will not open his clinic for you at midnight but he will certainly pick up the phone and give you guidance on things you can do to manage pain.

General dentists take care of all issues and are affordable in their pricing so you will love to visit them as will your family. Frequent and regular check-ups will mean that your teeth stay healthy and you get the benefit of preventive dental care as well as a root canal or implant whenever such a need arises. The cost of treatment at a specialist clinic is more and you will hesitate to make it a regular practice whereas, at a general dentist you do not find the price a hurdle and will schedule regular appointments and keep them too. If you do not you are likely to receive a call reminding you to visit your friendly and caring general dentist Donvale based. Holistic dental donvale is one such general dental clinic you should consider for all your dental treatment needs.

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